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About Us

As a team of inspired designers, we realize that creating art is just the beginning. Our designs are the reflection of life and one way of sharing our soul with the world is by putting these creative and meaningful ideas into physical forms, which you can see, wear and use. That is how Giftod is started. Our mission is to convey life into design and vice versa.


We deliver print-on-demand products that are close to your daily life and would love to bring more gift choices for your loved ones. Our products are coffee mugs, wall art, blankets, clothing, which are expanding further with meticulous designs to every detail.

“We want our products to brighten your day!”

Design a lifestyle you can be, Create a dream that you can live, Buy something that you can be proud of.Thanks for visiting our store and feel free to reach out anytime. Sending love, light, and good vibes your way.
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